Engine Room, the stunning track produced by Tokyo-based Dick Drone five years ago, has been given a wildly engaging 2008 renovation, Sydney versus Tokyo style.

Little Nobody goes for a tech-acid injection that’s funky enough to move the most wizened of house music clubbers, and eclectic enough to satisfy the more discerning trainspotting set.

DJ Hi-Shock’s mix is stadium-deep and spacious, with a breakdown half way through that truly stomps. It’s like powerful, old-skool warehouse techno mixed and matched with Robert Hood, Basic Channel or Jeff Mills, and is one of the highlights here.

By contrast, Dick Drone’s 2008 Refurbishment brings it all back to earth. It’s a slowly building, gritty, mesmerizing tech/electro track – with kitsch warnings about the evils of Communism thrown in for good measure.

Kiss Kiss is infectious, minimal tribal tech-house, gradually slipping in layers and weaving around you like a welcoming cocoon, and would work wonders on an up-for-it dancefloor.

As a closer, Picture Tube tweaks the analogues, and enters upon a terrain someone like Aphex Twin would feel quite at home on. Think dubstep mixed with eclectic beats and glitches and a soundscape to die for.

Styles: Techno, Minimal, Tech House, Electro House, Acid, Breaks, Electronica




11 Comments to “Dick Drone: Engine Room EP”

  1. Very chunky beats throughout release.

    Dirty [M]
  2. weird but nice

  3. Nice to see this track resurface. The production on new mixes is very, very cool

    Yusuke Abe
  4. I’m diggin it’ – I like the beats you come up with; reminds me of the old days. I’m diggin’ the stuff you put out – thumbs up, one awesome remix.

  5. Rocking!

    DJ Jamie Lavell
  6. Great to see this release happening. The mixes are fantastic!! Diverse things always makes me happy.

    DJ Milkcrateman
  7. A dark, brooding and delightful reminder of everything thats good about electronic music

    D. Baldwin
  8. The Engine Room mixes are deep and driven, DJ Hi-Shock remix is a belter of a track!

    Ben Mill
  9. Hi Shock has got that heavy tech sound from a few years back and Lil Nobody has some interesting pitch efx and things…

    Tom Solo
  10. The 2008 Refurbishment is excellent. Very simple, minimal, and eerie. DJ Hi-Shock’s mix took me right back to Tresor Club here in the 1990’s.

    Helmut Schmidt a.k.a. "O"
  11. very nice productions on DJ Hi-Shock’s remix

    Cevin Fisher