Hypnotic Room welcomes the new year with this tribal, deep, jazzy and underground tech-house release from Hideo Saito, who began to learn piano at the age of six, and later got hold of an electric guitar and synthesizer in junior high school, after which he learned composition and added a sequencer to his growing studio set-up. He’s now producing deep techno, influenced by the likes of Maurizio and Richie Hawtin wth shades of disco-electro influenced by bossanova and Soulwax.

The Original Mix of “If I Had You” is accompanied by a funky, dreamy, progressive beauty from Orange Society and a cool, laid back, techy remix by Takashi Watanabe.

Styles: Deep Tech House, Progressive, Detroit Techno




10 Comments to “Hideo Saito – If I Had You”

  1. Orange Society remix is nice, cool drums. Takashi remix just a little too glitchy and awkward to fit in my style, but its fun to listen to

    Kev Obrien
  2. Orange Society do a wicked job on the remix here, lovely rolling percussive sounds, strolls along rather nicely!

    Sasha Le Monnier
  3. well produced tracks with a nice deep feel.

  4. Smooth tech-house beats to eat any dance floor up. Orange Society has this formula down, massive remix.

    Dirty [M]
  5. Orange Society rmx rocks

    Miss Nine
  6. original and takashi remix, awesome music – will chart

    Chloe Harris
  7. original mix is a a nice track to inspire on, nice work

    Ashley Wallbridge
  8. nice deep house on the Orange Society remix

  9. Takashi Watanabe Remix for me

    Chris Drifter
  10. Nice tech/jazz feel to the Orange Society Remix …this would be a great opener for a Sunday Lounge mix.