Something truly innovative from the London innovator himself, Si Begg – previously responsible for Buckfunk 3000 and the hilariously funky Noodles releases.

His new remix of Little Nobody’s “We Call It Crack House” is nothing short of gob-smacking, wind-up freestyle tech-electro, with shades of chaos underlying the beast, yet very Mosquito… the label he shares with Cristian Vogel.

The 2008 renovation of the track, by Tokyo-based Little Nobody himself, goes more wildly cut-up disco/breakbeat – and all up it’s a mesmerizing offering from Sydney’s Hypnotic Room imprint, the very first in their new Special Editions releases.

Styles: Tech-House, Techno, Breaks.




6 Comments to “Little Nobody: We Call It Crack House (Si Begg Remix)”

  1. I think the 2008 Mix is the kind of tune that will grow on you…I will end up liking this track a lot.

    Angus Robinson
  2. Very original piece of music. Like the Si Begg rmx, its a chuggin, sub bass tune with crunchy sounds.

  3. Si Begg remix is a really scary and creepy sound. I mostly admire it for its unique texture and glitch effects. Obviously a lot of time and effort went into this.

    Darin Epsilon
  4. crazy. it sounds like its going to drop any second and doesn’t. sweet.

    Chloe Harris
  5. Si Begg’s remix has a gridy dirty beat that is sure to make a mark in the sound of Tech House. Superb release here. Thumbs up. – 4.0 / 5

    Dirty [M]
  6. This is fuckin’ Crazy & very much avantgarde future sounds of Minimal!

    Shin Nishimura