01. Because It Pays So Thin (Bill Youngman Remix)
02. Because It Pays So Thin (Original Mix)



This baby has been brewing on the Hypnotic Room back-burner for some time now, carefully being cultured and tweaked. The first time we heard the original mix, we realized just how cool a cool concept it was - very out there, a little bit on the cyber-industrial tip, and we loved it. Rushing the special gem never was going to be an option.

Veronica du Lac brings together Andrez Bergen (Little Nobody) and Kana Masaki (DJ Kana Kani) over in Tokyo, Japan, a collaborative pairing that pushes the perimeters of contemporary minimal directions by introducing orchestral tune-up flourishes, robotic vocals, tinkering sound frequencies, and a Green Velvet kick, to earth-shattering effect.

Getting Bill Youngman in on the remix was something both Andrez and Kana aspired toward, and the Berlin-based Tresor veteran (and frequent Tobias Schmidt collaborator) has here let down neither: His remix is true to the intent of the original, then sears its way into the psyche in completely unexpected, lurching, mind-bending machine-made ways. It's so glorious, it aches.

Think techno made in the 22nd Century and you're only part-way there.



8 Comments to “Veronica du Lac – Because It Pays So Thin (Bill Youngman Remix)”

  1. That’s a good ‘un. Contains all the best elements that make the wonky-stompy sound.

    Dave Blakemore
  2. I actually played the remix out on the weekend and it got massive screams from the East German techno ravers…
    so it definitely works!

    Bill Youngman
  3. Absolute brilliance. Well done. Will be purchasing both of these numbers for sure on 27th.

    James F.
  4. Killer combination, super-solid release.

  5. The original isn’t bad, but it’s not my taste. Bill rectified the situation, though.

    Trevor Wilkes @ Fun in the Murky
  6. Youngman mix is very very cool, I will be playing this a lot!!

    Yusuke Abe (TTAK)
  7. It sounds much better than I thought!

    Kana Masaki (Clean Hands, Japan)
  8. Fantastic release. The original, which is Minimal in concept and not content is strong and spacious. The Youngman remix just explodes! That Kick!

    Bitch Shift