The Original Mix of “Woklurk Orange” starts off grainy and lo-fi, like a radio not quite in tune, with someone lazily tinkering on a keyboard, before the kick kicks in. And it’s a mighty kick – deep, powerful, spellbinding. The tempo may be slow, the haunting pads in the background might be moody and there may be ethereal, drifting moments to the track, but overall it’s a funky, sublime, “Booka Shade” style piece that leaves you breathless!

“Retort Mix” continues the lo-fidelity intro concept, but bends straight into the beats: initially minimalistic, then a more layered techno groove reminiscent of Jeff Mills in his early Axis records.

The “Kyu-Kyu Buzz Mix” goes funky, disco-tek house, with a wild echo-effect on the stripped back beats. It’s another sensually slow builder, with sampled real rock drums, that culminates in some devastatingly funky/jazz techno in its latter half – guaranteed to send a crowd mad.

“Hakuchuo Numa” tweaks the cute – there are some wonderful sneaky, burrowing sounds squeezed into the demanding minimal tech-house groove here – and it shakes your tail-feather in ways Chicago’s DJ Rush or DJ Sneak might approve of!

Finally, “Have You Heard This” winds up the EP with a beautiful, organic mix of house, breaks and dubstep that would raise the floor in any summer venue dance area.

Woklurk Orange is one of the more gorgeous EP’s we’ve heard this year!

Styles: Techno, Minimal, Tech House, House, Downtempo




11 Comments to “Little Nobody: Woklurk Orange EP”

  1. I like this very much!! Great sounds!!

    DJ Meijingo
  2. Woklurk Orange, the original mix, is such a cruisy track, laidback and all, and I think the others lock onto that vibe, so it works great as a whole.

    DJ Milkcrate Man
  3. The original of Woklurk Orange reminds me of the slower Booka Shade releases. Love those minimalistic-deep grooves of Retort Mix too. Top release!

    DJ Hi-Shock
  4. nice feeling of a damage track…really techy tracks

  5. slow and dubby. wonderful

    Chloe Harris
  6. interesting stuff, will make a nice end or beginning to our radio sets

    Nosmo v Kris B
  7. i like the tribal feeling in Hakuchou Numa

  8. Deceptively floral and pretty, with an electro/experimental edge beneath. I love the breakdown on the Kyu-Kyu Buzz mix

    Helmut Schmidt a.k.a. O
  9. Very lush sounds especially on first track, which is wonderful chill

    Yusuke Abe
  10. deffinitely out of the box thinking with this one, and ingenuity often makes up for a lack of specificity

    Ira Heinichen
  11. Sounds good… I’m always up to new sounds… Love to play this stuff in Bali in my gigs

    Super Cozi