01. Secret Algorithm (Original Mix)
02. Escape (Original Mix)
03. Muzik (Original Mix)
04. Morning Haze (Original Mix)
05. Recurrence (Original Mix)



The 'Secret Algorithm' EP by PARANOIA106 is just straight out well produced. 5 pieces of music that flow well in to each other that would sit as comfortably in your personal headphones whilst you daydream as they would shaking the foundations of any club.

From the filtered stab driven 'Secret Algorithm', the ever melodic 'Escape', the tribal driven 'Muzik', the swirling 'Morning Haze' or the gentle to and fro's of 'Recurrance', there simply is no denying the broad appeal of the well schooled ideas of the Secret Algorithm EP.



3 Comments to “PARANOIA106 – Secret Algorithm EP”

  1. Great EP, deep vibes and lush synth sounds


    hologram hookers
  2. hi

    best sound

    i think your good work

    house track whit bass and synth experience

    good work brothers


    dj nuccio morris
  3. Love this sound!!

    Secret Algorithm is a brilliant track, just the type of sounds i’m into, fantastic drum loop, and a great sound on the synths!!
    It builds like a House track should, delivering on all levels!!

    I’ll be trying this baby out “Live” next Satursay night!!

    I dont think it will disapoint.

    Nice 1….Stevie Robinson 3 Deep

    3 Deep