01. Manifesto (Original Mix)
02. Ghetto Showers (Original Mix)
03. Tears Of A Thug (Original Mix)
04. Manifesto (Takashi Watanabe Remix)
05. Manifesto (Eric Cadillac Remix)



Sizemoreism debutes on Hypnotic Room with 3 fully space flavored tracks with a distinct taste of the baltic sea and the pine woods of northern Sweden. The tracks are fusion between techno and house with a spacious dubby vibe to them.

The best way to describe the tracks is that a Swedish guy that never visited Detroit is trying to paint his imaginary musical picture of Detroit on a IKEA bought canvas.

The "Manifesto" track is the most clubby while "Ghetto Showers" & "Tears Of A Thug" being more laid back & funky. The EP starts of more driven and energetic to slowly step down to a more lush melodic finish.

To finish off we get 2 bonus remixes, with Takashi Watanabe and Eric Cadillac taking charge. They both deliver high quality tech-house versions of the title track "Manifesto".



9 Comments to “Sizemoreism – Turf Talk EP”

  1. Good stuff, like Sizemoreism!

    Eelke Kleijn
  2. Manifesto (original mix) and (Eric Cadillac remix) are for me! Absolutly rockin’ on a dancefloor, support it!

    Claudio Masso
  3. Great remix of Eric Cadillac, full support !! 4/5 ! I will play it

    Wally Stryk
  4. Very good organic techno dubbyness. Love this — will play a lot.

    Laurent Garnier
  5. Ghetto Showers (= sweet) and Manifesto (Eric Cadillac Remix = tight) for me!

    Mijk van Dijk
  6. Manifesto Original is my fav here, nice depth in this version

    Sasha Le Monnier [ C.O.U. Muzik / Source Of Gravity ]
  7. a great release , i find it hard to pick one out of the five in the package but i am going to plumb for ” tears of a thug ” . superb . thanks

    dave carden (kiss fm)
  8. Manifesto (Takashi Watanabe remix) is the mix i’ll be playing.

    Trevor Rockcliffe
  9. Manifesto-original mix works for me

    Miss Nine (Holland)