01. Dasha Rush – Comme La Neige (Alkan remix)

02. Cut Bit Motorz – Dry Fruit (DJ Wada remix)

03. Luke’s Anger – Project Perk (Donk Boys remix)

04. Little Nobody – Compulsion (Sebastian Bayne’s Mockba Remix Dva)

05. Luke’s Anger – Several Sizes Too Big (Little Nobody remix)

06. Bitch Shift – Evil From The Needle (Takashi Watanabe remix)

07. Little Nobody – Metropolis How (Ben Mill remix)

08. Kultrun – Zap (Original Mix)

09. Tall Trees – Broken Friend (Rysh Paprota remix)

10. Andrez Bergen – Remember Radio (Original Mix)



Our erstwhile mates at expat Aussie label IF? Records in Japan have been busy unleashing a wad of cool and often prescient tracks by some of the most inspired purveyors of the music we all love - so here's Volume 3 in our ongoing selection of their very best this year.

Highlighting the Japanese input is the bubbling acid EBM/tech remix of Cut Bit Motorz by compatriot DJ Wada (Co-Fusion/Sublime), while Takashi Watanabe (DJ Warp) creates yet more sparkling, swirling tech-house in his reshuffle of Bitch Shift's 'Evil From the Needle'.

Australia's Ben Mill and Seb Bayne then both go in deep, heavy and mesmerizing in their classic Detroit/Dave Clarke-style reinventions of Little Nobody's 'Metropolis How?' and 'Compulsion' respectively, while Little Nobody himself goes stark, cut-up and cannily infectious remixing 'Several Sizes Too Big' by Luke's Anger.

Donk Boys do their superb electro/tech/funk thing on another Luke's Anger track, 'Project Perk', upcoming Aussie wunderkind Kultrun conjures up another stormer with 'Zap', and Alkan and Rysh Paprota go on darker, more ethereal techno tangents in their wonderful mixes of Dasha Rush and Windy Trees.

Wrapping up things is label head Andrez Bergen's 'Remember Radio', a laid-back wanderer reminiscent of Basic Channel, with old school radio samples and an underlying, looped Latin riff.

A captivating collection that's more than well worth investigating.



2 Comments to “Various Artists – Iffy Bizness Vol. 3”

  1. Stoked to be a part of this.

    Ben mill
  2. Bloody brilliant – cheers!

    Little Nobody