ABOUT Pascal Mollin

Pascal Mollin – born in 1968 – is a dj, producer and live act based in Frankfurt, Germany. At the age of 14 Pascal started his dj activities, after he visited the legendary airport club „Dorian Gray“ for the first time. He was so inspired about the feeling and the vibes of club music, that he decided to start buying records and djing. With 18 he worked as dj in the Frankfurt based club UNO. On same time he started clubbing and was part of many amazing partys in clubs like Vouge, Plastik, XS, Music-Hall, Dorian Gray, Space , Amnesia, Omen and many more.

At Dorian Gray – one of the birthplace of techno music – Pascal met Ramin Nagachian and produced with him in 1991 his first tracks which was publishes from „Planet Core Production“ on their sub label „Dance Ecstasy 2001“. Then he also start djing in the small room of Dorian Gray and other clubs and parties. After buying own studio equipment Pascal produced tracks for the labels „Lab Works“ and „Frankfurt Beat Produktions“.

1993 he met Michael Kohlbecker and started the project Eternal Basement. Sven Väth and his label Harthouse liked the sound and signed Eternal Basement in 1994. From 1993 to 1995 Michael and Pascal produced for Harthouse legendary tracks like “Kraft”, “Takin place in you” and the concept lp “Nerv” which was favourite tracks in Sven Väths and many other international top djs playlists. With Eternal Basement he peformed live at many festivals like the first „Nature One“ and other big techno events.

1995 Michael and he produced under the name „Negative Return“ also tracks for the label „Global Ambition“.

1996 Pascal decided to reduce his music activities and started working in some advertising and online agencies as project manager.

10 years later his passion for electronic music is stronger than ever. 2007 he discovered the virtual world Second Life and it club scene, and was suprised to find many top djs like Cari Leckebusch, Luke Slater, Steve Parker, Funkangenda spinning there. Since 2007 he spins continious in many Second Life underground clubs like Code 415, The Factory and other club and events. Pascals dj-style is a mix of minimal, techno and house. Not too strong but always powerfull and hypnotic. 2007 Pascal released the ep „Virtuality“ under his virtual name „Artec Amat“.

In 2009 Pascal and his new partner Thorsten Heiser started a new project namend “Wave System”. First tracks are now ready for releases on Hypnotic Room and Android Muziq.